ElectraCraft Electric Powered Boats

ElectraCraft Electric Power Boats

As the world’s leading manufacturer of electric power boats, ElectraCraft has been designing and building high durability, low maintenance, environmentally-friendly electric leisure boats since 1975. ElectraCraft’s quality electric power boats offer the perfect combination of high-end design, environmental responsibility, performance, and easy handling, all backed by lifetime limited warranties that are the best in the industry.

ElectraCraft Electric Power Boats

Logo Design

When I was approached to redesign ElectraCraft’s logo they were already an established brand, recognizable by anyone in the electric leisure boating community and beyond. The new design had to carry over their reputation of quality, luxury and superior customer service. The largest challenge was to have a design that looked equally at home on a business card and on the side of boat while being legible from a distance.

The end result is an uncomplicated logo utilizing a strong, modern typeface for the company name combined with a classic serif typeface. Accompanied by a subtle gradient underline separating the second line of type, the logo communicates movement while remaining clean and uncluttered. I am proud to say this logo has been in use for the last 18 years and continues to be the face of an amazing company of quality electric powered boats.

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