Smith Pumps

Smith Pumps

Specializing in liquefied gas transfer, Smith Pumps product line incorporates small, medium, and large capacity positive displacement pump models in several porting configurations for intermittent or continuous duty service. This includes truck mounted pumps and pumps developed for global markets.


After first redesigning their website back in 2010, I was fortunate enough to once again be contacted by Smith Precision Products to give their site another refresh to bring it up to today's standards.

Working together with the Smith team a site was constructed with breakthrough features for their industry. These included a performance calculator, client controlled literature library, tutorials section and an interactive historical timeline telling the story of one of Americas most productive families. All accessible through modern mobile device and desktop computers.

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Performance Calculator

A frequent request to Smith Pumps would be customers calling for the performance figures of their pumps in a specific application. Having great customer service each one of these calls was answered, however this would take time away from other customers with more pressing issues. To improve their ability to serve customers this task was built into an online tool to be used by purchasers or techs in the field. This automation took the strain off Smith employees and empowered their customers to make informed purchasing decisions.

Interative Timeline


The Smith family has a rich heritage in industrial America. Walter Smith, president of Smith Precision Products, has collected a wealth of knowledge pertaining to the history of the Smith family and its members who are responsible for many patents still honored today. This information has been used to construct an interactive timeline telling their incredible story.

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