Greenwich Floral Designs

Greenwich Floral Designs

Greenwich Floral Design began after owner Janet Webb realized the thrill of an unexpected delivery of beautiful, fresh flowers from her husband. No matter the circumstances, the arrival of a bouquet of blooms made any day special. Janet has a hand in every design and takes personal care in selecting unique materials to produce artisan arrangements.

Greenwich Floral Designs

Logo Design

The design process for Greenwich Floral Designs was fun! I knew I wanted to incorporate the idea of organics into the logo without the concept being dominated by a large flower. Utilizing a Wacom tablet I drew out a variety of flowers and leaves that could be used to accompany the type.

The end result is a simple leaf illustration perched atop a 'stem' on an organic-looking lowercase 'G'. Combined with a soft serif typeface, the treatement gives the logo just enough without being over the top.

Ready for professional results?

Don't fall into the black hole of 'template' style websites and graphic design only to realize the result isn't effective. Rise above your competitors with custom-made designs and websites crafted to your unique business!

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Greenwich Floral Designs

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