The purpose of Feabo is to facilitate a socially convenient way for people to communicate their thoughts, ideas, beliefs, likes or dislikes with no censorship or barriers. While other existing networks may expose or use their members social activities and data to sell advertisement, Feabo was not built to sell advertisement or generate revenue at the expense of its users. Rather, it was created so that people of different social backgrounds can freely express their ideas and opinions on various subject matters based on mutual respect for one another.

App Design

I was approached by the team at Feabo to design their upcoming social media app to be released late 2017. This was a tall order with a ton of moving parts, but I was very excited to be a part of it. Through many long nights and Slack conversations, the app started to take form, becoming the platform they had envisioned. Feabo was recently launched in both iTunes and Google Play drawing the attention of Silicon Valley investors and marketing experts alike eager to see it succeed.

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Feabo Business Cards

Business Cards

Business cards were designed for the executive and sales teams to use in marketing Feabo. A simple but engaging design was employed that utilizes the brand identity while providing clear placement for the holders information.

Custom Icons

A custom set of icons was needed in order to set the tone for the Feabo environment. The notch is a key element in the Feabo brand, illustrating the linking of people and ideas. We wanted this to be a theme carried out in icons used in the core functionality of the app.

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