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Specializing in digital marketing, audience research and advertisement management, Spotlight Social Media Consulting has a solid track record optimizing digital marketing campaigns while maximizing their clients ROI.

Spotlight Social Media Branding

Logo Design

Spotlight has experienced steady growth in clientele over the last couple years and quickly outgrew their existing 'homegrown' logo. I was contacted to give life to their brand, and after an exploration meeting, I came away with some basic guidelines and a lot of creative freedom to craft them a new brand image.

The end result is a clean, sturdy logo while maintaining the contemporary edginess they were looking for. It would have been easy to incorporate a literal spotlight into the concept, but instead, a subtle radial gradient was utilized giving the logo a nice glow while insinuating the moniker. Spotlight Social was very pleased with their new logo and eager to get it out to the masses! Much more to come from this great company including a new website and marketing campaign coming in the first half of 2018.

Spotlight Social Media Branding


A custom 'S' was illustrated and mirrored to create a unique and recognizable brand icon. The Spotlight 'shield' represents their commitment to protecting their clients from the pitfalls of digital brand marketing while illuminating the path to success.

Spotlight Social Media Branding


Utilizing a standard extended font as the base, careful alterations were crafted to each letter to achieve a unique typeface that best matched the overall concept of a clean, sharp logo.

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Don't fall into the black hole of 'template' style websites and graphic design only to realize the result isn't effective. Rise above your competitors with custom-made designs and websites crafted to your unique business!

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