Simple-Rx offers practice dispensing made simple through proven technology and supply channels. Equipping medical practices to become their own pharmacy, Simple-Rx handles all of the hardware & software, DEA & FDA compliance, and staff training.


Logo Design

With Simple-Rx being a start-up, the team wanted to create a fresh identity that would stand out amongst the landscape of aqua colored fonts and medical crosses so common in their industry.

The Simple-Rx ā€™Sā€™ was born from a combination of being inspired by chemical composition illustrations and the concept of linking patients with their doctors as a team both focused on the same goal; total patient health.


Staying true to their name, the team at Simple-Rx wanted to keep their web presence uncluttered and clean but something that could grow when needed. The direction was to produce a responsive one-page lander that a doctor or their staff could easily scan and quickly take away the benefits Simple-Rx provided.

A slide show type presentation was produced with custom animated illustrations to explain the Simple-Rx process, this concept was also utilized down the page to add emphasis to each statement.

Simple-Rx Website
Business Card

Stationery Design

Business cards and digital letterhead were produced to keep the sales team over at Simple-Rx brand cohesive, helping them bring the Simple-Rx advantage to medical practices across the country.



To help the sales team seal the deal, packaging for their proposals was produced. Keeping the brand and their message in the forefront of everything they do shows confidence in the belief that they truly are "The new standard for practice dispensing."

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